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  • Struggling to teach the Bible when you don't even understand it yourself?
  • Children finding RE the low-point of their week?
  • Want to see the Bible unlocked and brought to life?
  • Want to see children running to RE lessons?
  • Check out the video page to see for yourself!
Our team consists of over 350 trained Bible Explorer presenters in the UK. Bible Explorer is an educational programme taught exclusively in schools to children in Key Stage 2 years 5 & 6. There is a series of five one hour lessons for the Old Testament and five one hour lessons for the New Testament. The aim of Bible Explorer is to teach children the storyline of the Bible - the big picture. Bible Explorer is non-denominational, non-confessional and non-conversionary.

Bible Explorer uses storytelling, drama, videos, multi-media and more to ensure that all learning types (audio, visual and kinaesthetic) connect with the subject matter. The children are taught a set of keywords and handsigns that help them to remember the storyline (for example, the Old Testament begins "Creation - Fall - Flood").

Above all Bible Explorer is fun, it gets children excited about RE and helps them to discover that the Bible isn't a boring, old, irrelevant book. Click here to see for yourself just what fun it can be.

"Brilliant! A vivid way to explore the Old Testament. The pupils really enjoy learning in such a lively and varied way. A definite highlight in the year 5 curriculum."
Natasha Patrick, year 5 teacher, Forest & Sandridge School

 "Very many thanks for running Bible Explorer at out school. The children really enjoyed it - much better than usual RE!"
Sue Worringham, head teacher, Lacock Primary School

 "I never knew the Bible was that exciting!"
Year 5 pupil
"I never knew you could have that much fun learning about the Bible!"
Year 5 pupil

The ideal location for a Bible Explorer lesson is the school hall so that there's plenty of space, but it can be taught in a classroom if it's possible to clear all of the furniture out of the way. In addition to one hour for the lesson about 15 minutes is needed before and after to set up and pack away.

There is no charge for Bible Explorer though schools are invited to make a donation to Bible Explorer's parent charity Walk Thru the Bible Ministries . The only thing the school need to do is photocopy a set of fun sheets for each child on the course. 

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Please email us at  BibleExplorer@Bible.org.uk if you would like us to send you an application form or any further details

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